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Here is some random stuff with no explanation…

Some old stuff

So this morning I was doing kind of a computer spring cleaning, and I stumbled across a bunch of older illustrations. I thought they were worth recycling on my blog, Since there is no other way for them to be seen. I hope you enjoy them!

Space Carrots

Yeah whatever… There’s no limits to imagination, so I reserve myself the right to draw whatever I want. That’s just how it goes. But seriously, there’s a story behind this, maybe I’ll do something with it, maybe not. Only time will tell.

Film Poster

I recently finished this movie poster for director Duncan McDowall’s new short film. It was a fun process working with him. His movie is well directed and quite touching. If you have a chance to see it, go right ahead.

Paul Laberge VS The Electrics

Oh man, I cannot wait to tie this one up, this is very exciting stuff. Recently I started making a Music Video for good friend and talented musician Greg Arcade and his band the electrics. It’s a project that took an unexpected turn for me, as it became pretty clear quickly that this would be one of my strongest pieces this year. It’s looking amazing, music is awesome and they leave me so much freedom to work, it’s making this project one of the most fulfilling I’ve had in a while. I’ll leave you on a few stills, nothing more, but hopefully i’ll be done soon with this.

Basketball? More please.

SO, I rekindled with my love of the game recently. I used to be good at this stuff, a long, long time ago. I got caught in the playoff madness last year and ever since, i remember why I loved it so much. I can say this much, it makes winter way easier on me. That said, I am cooking up some serious basketball related projects right now. In the meantime, enjoy this Derick Rose drawing I did. I hope they go deep in the playoffs this year.


It happens sometimes, it’s part of the process. If I learned a good lesson from this throughout the years, it would have to be : “Don’t get too attached to your stuff.” Often, good comes out of it anyway, used or not, so here’s to that. Great drawing i made in the process of  making the jay peak animation. It was, I believe, destined to be used in magazines. And now, it is destined to be posted on my barely used (but yet super awesome) blog. Yep.

Back! Again…

Ok, so i’m obviously not so good at blogging, I got hacked just when I got the hang of it and then put it aside for what seems to be forever. But for what it’s worth, let’s give it a serious fourth shot. So I’ve been pretty busy, as usual, throughout the last year. I met great people, had a chance to draw some storyboards for Stop Motion legend Pat Boivin. It gave me a little bit of insight on his process, it was short and sweet, but still a very very inspiring experience. Worked with some great people at Taxi, on an amazing game project for the launch of Internet Explorer 9. I made two projects that were destined to be used out of Canada and I got to travel a little bit. That takes us to now (that’s the condensed version, count yourself lucky). Here’s one the the many drawings I made on a trip to beautiful Costa Rica: